Ghenh Rang Tien Sa tourist area is a jade in the middle of the blue ocean

Ghenh Rang Tien Sa jade in the blue ocean

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Ghenh Rang binh dinh

When mentioning Quy Nhon tourism, it’s unrealizable not to mention the extremely renowned Ghenh Rang tourist area, near the megacity center, so the destination attracts a large number of domestic and foreign tourists to visit. Beautiful natural beauty from Egg Rock Beach, Tien Sa Beach or visit the grave of the talented but ill– fated minstrel Han Mac Tu.

Some details about Ghenh Rang – Tien Sa

Located in Ghenh Rang ward, Quy Nhon megacity, Ghenh Rang- Tien Sa is located about 3 km southeast of the megacity center. The special feature of this place is the group of rocky beaches located conterminous to each other and the rocky beaches concentrated along the wind of Xuan Van mountain. Thanks to its unique beauty, Ghenh Rang has been ranked as a national monument by the Ministry of Culture and Information.

Ghenh Rang binh dinh

Gate to Ghenh Rang Quy Nhon tourist area

Ghenh Rang binh dinh

A peaceful corner in the tourist area

The legend of the name Ghenh Rang – Tien Sa

Talking about Ghenh Rang Binh Dinh tourist area, you’ll learn further about a legend that has been passed down until now about this place. The legend tells about a famous girl who was both beautiful and elegant, pretty and modest. She fell in love with a boy in the village, the two loved each other deeply, until one day the district official saw her and was fascinated by her beauty. He sent people to follow her and tried every way to capture her.. But she never loved him. In order to remain faithful to the person she loved, she cried to her parents, said farewell to the boy, and ran down from the village to Quy Nhon. The district official saw this and sent soldiers to chase after . When he arrived at Ghenh Rang this name was given by fishers because this place has numerous waterfall. When ships pass through this area, the sailors must do commodity to reduce the wind in the cruises to let the boat go. Go slowly or else the boat will be swamped with water. In seafaring, this operation is called trying, the name Ghenh Rang comes from that – suddenly there was thunder and lightning, a huge storm caused a large crack in the rocky mountain. The girl faded. When the storm stopped and became clear again, the ravine turned into a stream winding down the mountainside.

bai tien sa

Come to Ghenh Rang tourist area to learn about generations –
old legends

As for the boy, when he heard that his lover was missing, he ran to search far and wide. When he arrived at Ghenh Rang at night, he only saw the image of the girl fading and appearing, occasionally vaguely in the middle of the road. occasionally the ocean swells, occasionally gentle in the forest. Since then, I do not know if the boy followed the girl, but whenever lightning flashes on Ghenh Rang, people will suppose the girl has returned to visit her old lover. perhaps that is the reason this place is also called Ghenh Rang- Tien Sa.

Famous places in Ghenh Rang – Tien Sa tourist area

Queen Beach (Egg Stone Beach)

Egg stone Beach is procreated as the place that Queen Nam Phuong, the last queen of Vietnam’s feudal regime, favored as a private beach. Magical egg- shaped rocks are concentrated right under the cliffs, creating a unexpectedly beautiful and strange scene.

Queen Beach

Queen Beach Ghenh Rang Tien Sa

Not only will you immerse yourself in the cool water, but you’ll also witness the feeling of stepping on bare bases on round, smooth monuments that resemble bird eggs, a cool, affable feeling running throughout your body, or sitting How intriguing it’s to sit on a large gravestone and observe the surrounding decor, immersing yourself in the vast, beautiful nature. However, please recommend Ghenh Rang sightseer area and clearly this beautiful Queen beach with extremely wonderful experiences, If your friends and cousins ask about attractive destinations in Binh Dinh.

queen beach

Queen Beach appears as beautiful and elegant as its name suggests

queen beach

Feel the wonderful feeling when stepping bare feet on round stones, smooth like giant bird eggs, lying on top of each other on the beach

Tien Sa Beach

Considered a atomic interpretation of Nha Trang in Quy Nhon, Tien Sa beach is also a famous and beautiful place with endless rows of green pine trees blending with the white of the beach and the blue of the water. Coming then, you’ll no longer have to wonder why this beach is called by a veritably beautiful name Tien Sa when esteeming the breathtakingly beautiful decor of nature, earth and sky in harmony with the gutters and mountains here.

Tien sa beach

Beautiful scenery seen from afar

From Tien Sa beach, climb to the top of Ghenh Rang to look out into the distance to see the enchantingly beautiful Quy Nhon seascape, the deep blue ocean surface, the girding green mountains, the high and wide blue sky, all because of this. fascinating landscape painting. In addition, lying on the beach and looking up at the night sky full of sparkling stars is also veritably beautiful and lyrical.

Tien sa beach

The blending of sea, clouds, sky and rocky mountains enhances the captivating wildness of Tien Sa

Tomb of poet Han Mac Tu

Surely numerous people also know that Han Mac Tu spent the last times of his life in Binh Dinh, where he lived in Quy Hoa leprosy camp, and where he suffered endless pain due to the evil leprosy disease. brought and also from then that his immortal poems were born. To commemorate a talented Vietnamese minstrel, Han Mac Tu’s grave was erected and restored regularly right in this Ghenh Rang- Tien Sa area.

Poet Han Mac Tu's grave

Poet Han Mac Tu’s grave site

The ticket price of Ghenh Rang tourist area to visit Han Mac Tu’s grave is 10,000 VND/person. Coming here, in addition to admiring the scenery, you also have the opportunity to visit the grave of a very famous poet in the Vietnamese New Poetry Village with his passionate and mysterious poems.

han mac tu

The path leading to Han Mac Tu’s grave

poet han mac tu

Here, poems by poet Han were recorded by artist Dzù Kha

Ghenh Rang Church

The stone church is hidden below on the opposite side of the grave of poet Han Mac Tu, so it is less known. However, visitors will be quite surprised with the beautiful architecture, simple wooden gate, and green interior space of this worship area. Entering here, in addition to learning more about the architecture of Buddhist churches, you can also feel the peaceful and warm, simple and harmonious scene inside.

Ghenh Rang Church

Ghenh Rang Church

Construction of the church began in February 1963, and in August 1964, it was inaugurated by Priest Pham Chau Dien. Over many years, the church was restored and rebuilt in 2007. The space is beautiful from the outside to the inside, with a design in a small space but still giving you peace, inside is simply decorated with Light shines from the glass panels on both sides of the wall, and the outside arrangement is quite harmonious, making visitors feel the peace, closeness, and friendliness of the church in the overall Ghenh Rang Quy Nhon tourist area.

Inside Ghenh Rang church

Inside Ghenh Rang church

Walking around is enough to see the extremely beautiful destinations that nature bestows on this martial arts land as well as the destinations created by humans themselves, right? Remember to visit the Ghenh Rang tourist area to witness the scenery here as well as gain new insights to love your homeland, country, and people of Vietnam more!

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