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Coming to Ky Co Beach Quy Nhon then will surely bring you intriguing passions with natural beauty. This place is truly a great choice to experience nature with the whole family a place that’s compared to the Maldives of Vietnam.

Ky Co Beach – A place to immerse yourself in wonderful natural beauty

Ky Co is located further than 20 km southeast of Quy Nhon megacity center. This is considered the most intriguing sightseer destination in Quy Nhon with two sides facing the mountains and one side facing the ocean. veritably suitable for motorbike trippers .You can travel by car, but traveling by motorbike will be more accessible for visiting and exploring this place.

ky co quy nhơn

Ky Co Beach is located in a veritably special position

Quy Nhon has a temperate climate, therefore you can come then at any time of the time, but for the most luxury, you should proceed from February to August. At this time, the rainfall is cool, with little rain. Rain makes it easier to travel and visit.

approaching Then, you’ll be engulfed by the majestic wild beauty and harmony of nature. Standing from afar, you’ll feel the majestic mountains, the shady luxuriant trees, the air is crystal clear, the wind blows explosively on you, bringing with it the typical salty and acrid breath of the ocean. Ky co has an bow like the crescent moon of everyday days.

ky co quy nhơn

Natural swimming pools at Ky Co Beach Quy Nhon

You’ll sense the fascinating thing when approaching to Ky Co beach the water here is veritably cool and shallow. You can freely immerse yourself in the wanton water, swim 100m down and the water is only over to your neck. White, soft beach strips, cool green trees, green coconut trees hanging down on the beach.

What is further fascinating than when you are tired of playing around in the clear blue water, you can walk barefoot coming to the coconut trees and actively sing a many love songs to the ocean. The whole scene becomes sparklingly beautiful under the sun. Ky Co beach is sparklingly beautiful like a treasure casket filled with precious monuments. The sun shines on the foamy blue ocean face, making it look like it’s tableware from afar, and the grains of beach sparkle like bitsy diamonds.

The gemstones now are linked together. When the drift rises, water rushes in between the gemstones, creating beautiful artificial swimming pools. The water doesn’t flow down, but seems to want to hold and settle into the gemstones, playfully playing and stroking the bottom of the mountain like mischievous children.

The artificial swimming pool is veritably cool, the water is so clear you can easily see the bottom of the pool. An artificial swimming pool can accommodate 5- 7 people. veritably suitable for family disquisition. It’s veritably safe for children to swim in it.

ky co quy nhơn

Rock caverns are exposed at Ky Co beach when the drift recedes

In the morning, when the sun just rises, the water in Ky Co ocean is as clear as a glass reflecting the sky. You can go to the beach beforehand to watch the romantic evening. The drops of morning dew that remained on the fallen leaves dripped drop by drop into the smooth beach. So quiet, so peaceful and affable. The red sun gradationally appeared behind the mist and shadows. The boats float on the ocean with peaceful songs for a bright and bountiful day.

Not only that, there are also cliffs and large gemstones, the higher the square base, the sharper they come, rising in the middle of the ocean, looking like small halls or harpoons poking into the sky. When the drift recedes, a path along the precipice will appear. You can also walk along the mountain range near the shore to visit the ocean. Wading in the cool water, playing with the ocean swells, turning over seaweed stalks to catch small ocean creatures.

In particular, you should record to completely enjoy Ky Co Quy Nhon beach by watching coral at Bai Dua. Going by boat to Bai Dua is veritably popular, you can ask and make an appointment with the boat possessors in the beach area on the first day of appearance to plan to go to Bai Dua on a sunny day, avoiding cloudy and caliginous days..

ky co quy nhơn

Ky Co sea water is clear and blue

You just need to prepare the necessary outfit similar as a pier pond, goggles. and you can swim on the ocean face to respect the decor of the ocean and sky and the various coral reefs in numerous fascinating seasons.

Visitors then can also rent boats or canoes to explore the ocean and go fishing. Or follow the fishers to the ocean to see their diurnal work of catching seafood.

How to get to Ky Co beach?

Located near 25 km from Quy Nhon megacity center, Ky Co is a veritably special beach. The coastline is twisted like a crescent with 3 sides facing mountains and 1 side facing the ocean. thus, to travel to Ky Co beach, visitors will have to go through 2 peregrinations. The first is from your starting point to Quy Nhon megacity. The alternate is to move from the machine station, pier, and field to Ky Co sand.

ky co quy nhơn

Way to get to Ky Co beach

In this article, I will share how to travel to Quy Nhon from two big cities: Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh. There are many means of transportation to Quy Nhon that tourists can refer to such as:



From Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh has a direct flight to Phu Cat airport (about 35km from Quy Nhon city center), so visitors can easily travel without wasting much time. However, airfare prices fluctuate seasonally, so you need to consult carefully before buying travel tickets.

Phu Cat Airport
Phu Cat Airport is about 35km from Quy Nhon city center


Train is a quite safe and comfortable option for travelers, especially those who have time and want to save more money. Visitors can choose to go to Dieu Tri station (about 15km from Quy Nhon city), then buy tickets to continue to Quy Nhon station. If tourists are in the city. Ho Chi Minh has a direct train to Quy Nhon station, but there is only one train per day.

Train from Hanoi station to Quy Nhon

Train from Hanoi station to Quy Nhon


If from Hanoi, you can choose a sleeper bus departing from Giap Bat and Nuoc Ngam bus stations to Quy Nhon bus station. If you take a bus from Saigon, you should depart the evening before to arrive in Quy Nhon early the next morning. Currently, there are many bus companies in Saigon with many options in terms of time, location as well as cost for tourists to choose from.

Move from bus station, pier, airport to Ky Co beach

First from these locations, visitors will move to Nhon Ly commune. You can follow the directions of google maps to get to Thi Nai bridge, then turn left when you meet the roundabout to go to Nhon Ly. Here visitors can travel to Ky Co by road or sea.

Thi Nai Bridge

Thi Nai Bridge – a beautiful check-in point that attracts tourists

For those who love experiences, you can choose a motorbike or take a family car to comfortably stop and check out the beautiful scenery on the road. However, if you go to Ky Co by road, you will not be able to dive to see the coral at Bai Dua, so you need to consider your choice.

Bai Ky Co

Ride a motorbike along the road around the mountain to reach Bai Ky Co

If you want to experience the feeling of floating on the water and admiring the majestic mountain scenery, you should choose to go to Ky Co by sea. From Quy Nhon, you move to Eo Gio in Nhon Ly commune, then take a canoe or boat to Ky Co beach. Normally, canoes will pick up tourists at Nhon Ly wharf, travel about 15 – 20 minutes to reach Ky Co beach.


What to do in Ky Co?

Explore Ky Co beach

If you come here, you must definitely immerse yourself in the clear blue water to clearly feel the excitement and wonderfulness of Ky Co beach. Dubbed the Maldives of Vietnam, Ky Co has a wild beauty that captivates people’s hearts.

Ky Co beach

The clear blue water at Ky Co beach

Camping on the beach

For those who love to experience and explore, camping overnight in Ky Co will definitely be a memorable experience. You can bring a tent, some snacks and choose specialties of Nhon Ly beach to BBQ right on the beach.

Camping ky co

Camping overnight in Ky Co is an extremely exciting experience

There’s nothing better than enjoying delicious food, listening to the sound of waves and enjoying all the flavors of the sea.

Participate in activities on the beach

In addition to swimming, visitors here can also comfortably participate in activities and games held on Ky Co beach such as parachutes, water motorbikes, banana floats, etc. And if you go in a large group, You can also organize interesting team building games for everyone.

banana floats

Tourists can freely have fun on the beach

Check in to Suoi Ky Co Lake, Hang Yen Bridge

Relaxing and checking in at Ky Co stream lake and Hang Yen bridge is an interesting experience that you should not miss when coming to Ky Co beach. The bridge with many outstanding colors with one side being mountains and the other side being the sea is also a must-see spot in Ky Co Quy Nhon.

Hang Yen bridge

The beauty of Hang Yen bridge

Scuba diving to see coral

Visitors can participate in scuba diving activities to see coral, walk and explore animals and plants on the seabed. This will definitely be a special highlight in your trip. Make sure to bring protective gear and sunscreen when diving. Note that areas with a lot of coral can tear your feet if not careful. Observe carefully or wear diving shoes to ensure safety.

scuba diving quy nhon

You can meet interesting sea creatures here

Eo Gio Tourism

Eo Gio is not far from Ky Co beach, so visitors who come to Ky Co should not miss the journey to Eo Gio. Not inferior to any beach in the Central region, Eo Gio possesses clear blue water and sparkling golden sand. Every day, the waves whisper against the rugged rocky shores, throwing white foam, creating a beautiful sea picture. Coming to Eo Gio, don’t forget to experience walking on the coastal walking path halfway up the majestic mountains.

Eo Gio Tourism

Tourists who come to Ky Co should not miss the journey to Eo Gio

Ky Co Cuisine

When traveling to Ky Co, you will not only be able to immerse yourself in the beautiful pristine natural scenery, but you can also enjoy extremely delicious specialties. Especially the seafood dishes are very fresh, processed immediately after catching to preserve the deliciousness of the seafood. You can’t miss some delicious seafood dishes here such as: abalone, sun-dried squid, fresh squid, mud crab, lobster, sea urchin… with prices ranging from only 280,000 VND to 330,000 VND per dish.

Grilled sea urchin: When you come to Quy Nhon beach, you must have heard or tasted this dish. However, it must be enjoyed right on Ky Co island to be interesting. There’s nothing more enjoyable than when the whole family sits on the sand, the cool sea breeze blows on their faces, gathers together with the family to grill sea urchins, and enjoy right at the sea.

Sea urchin is very delicious, the meat is small but very firm, the meat segments stick together like orange segments. The sea urchin is caught, cut in half, the meat is cleaned, the stomach is removed and marinated with spices to grill. Thit Nhum is very refreshing and delicious. Captivate the hearts of tourists.


Grilled sea urchin

Grilled sea urchin


Types of grilled snails: The smell of grilled snails is fragrant, making visitors feel hungry just by smelling it. Sea snails can be processed into many delicious grilled dishes.

Abalone: Abalone porridge is a great choice for you. Hot, fragrant sweet porridge, rich in nutrients. It is a precious gift that nature bestows here.

An indispensable pleasure is traveling on a bamboo boat to catch the freshest squid. Then prepare delicious squid yourself and enjoy the fruits of your handiwork.

Ky Co beach is a suitable tourist destination for family travel and family fun. Are you ready to travel to Bai Ky Co Quy Nhon? believes that anyone who has ever visited Ky Co beach will always have a desire to return here, to immerse themselves in the blue water again, and enjoy paradise-like holidays in this sea.



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